• Oleo-Mac Chainsaws

    Oleo-Mac is a registered trademark of Emak SPA; the pioneer of the industry for more than 40 years. Producing all of their wide range of products at their own factories and release Oleo-Mac branded products, responding to new needs each year.

  • Oleo-Mac Lawn Mowers

    Customer satisfaction oriented brand; offers safe, functional solutions suitable for every need. Environmentally sensitive machines with low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions; are produced for the service of our villagers, farmers and gardeners.

    Lawn Mowers


1949, the foundations of Semak that reflects the efforts of three generations as a family company were laid by Süleyman Yağızyılmaz.

Semak that provides service at its Gebze Headquarters founded on 13,000 sqm indoor and 7,500 sqm outdoor area continues its operations consistently with its 70 employees, enhancing investments and constantly increasing work volume.


Semak Makina

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