Dear Consumers, Business Partners and Colleagues,

CEO_Mesaji_Suleyman_Keles_ResimIn these days that we, as Semak Family, are feeling the right proud of leaving 65 years behind, we are also in the excitement of looking at the future with more strength and hope. On this journey that we set out with the goal of achieving a corporate structure that has a reputation in the international level and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in Turkey, we present you our new website.

As Semak Makina putting its signature under successful and pioneer projects in its sector since the day it was founded, we create a difference by reflecting our innovative mentality to our business processes, and act with the awareness that our success is our Country’s success.

In line with this, we are happy to announce that we changed the symbol of our existence, our logo, while renewing and improving our corporate face and infrastructure based on the developments of this age.

Instead of keeping our distance from change or resisting it, we take the emerging new growth opportunities and work to increase and share our revenue by making use of them. We are not afraid of competition. On the contrary, we believe in its driving force. But of course, we progress by taking the precautions that ensure stability. We improve our competitive identity with this mentality in mind.

Our product range creates a difference in the distributorship of the leading brands of Europe.  By giving product and service guarantee, we constantly support our sales channels. By following the developments in the market as always, we provide service to our customers with a wide product range. As Semak Makina, we, definitely, prefer the high quality products that comply with all the Technical Regulations of the respective Turkish ministries and pass the safety tests defined by European Community Harmonization Law Standards, and the producers of these products. Increasing the shares and the values of our business partners has always been our primary goal.

We are very well aware of the reason why our partners prefer us: we are not a company just selling machines. With our after-sales service mentality and trainings, our power in logistics, our expert technical service offers and our customer-oriented solutions, we add value to our stakeholders. By ensuring the best possible product management, we spread efficiency and profitability. Thus we expand the market shares of our brands.

We accept that risk management is in the nature of business life. Thus, on the path to efficiency and profitability, we don’t abstain from taking the risks required to be taken on behalf of our business partners. By showing strong reflexes even at those periods that global economic uncertainties make the short terms plans impossible, we overcome the most complex problems that seem impossible to be solved with our innovative practices and our support to our stakeholders.

And hereby, I, on behalf of Semak Makina, thank all our employees, customers, investors, business partners and social stakeholders that believed in us, walked on this journey with us and stand right besides us by sharing our dreams once again.

your trust, our strength

Süleyman Keleş