sirket_profili_lojistik_merkezi_gebze_Agent of 30 LEADING GLOBAL BRANDS.

Semak Makina Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. represents 30 leading brands of the world in Turkey with its import from a total of 13 countries that are mostly European Union countries.

Semak that is the sole Turkish distributor of Italian Oleo-Mac since 1970, Oregon since 1997 and Swiss Felco since 1998 is also at the top in revenue rankings among the European sellers of these brands that it represents successfully.

Wide Dealer and Service Network in Turkey

Semak, which provides service to its consumers with its more than 800 Authorized Dealers in 7 regions of Turkey, appeals to a wide market with its product range containing more than 2000 main items. Whether amateur, hobby-driven, semi-professional or professional, the company meets virtually all needs of the consumers regarding forestry, agriculture, gardening machines and equipments.

And Semak provides the after-sales services of its products that it offers to consumers through its dealers network with its more than 300 Authorized Service Units extending to the furthest points of Turkey.

An Exemplary Wide Spare Part Stock

The wide accessory and spare part stock for the products offered to the market is among the few examples in the world. With the service that it provides in a unique variety concerning the accessories and spare parts of the others brands of the same groups in the market besides the brands that it represents, it is extremely strong in the spare part market.

Leading After-Sales Service Mentality

Semak that prioritizes customer satisfaction and happiness in after-sales as in every other subject continues to support the products that it launches to the market with 2 years warranty throughout their service lives, with its dealers and service units.

The “Expert Central Service” equipped with the state-of-the-art test and control equipments within its body support and audit the service units of Semak throughout Turkey.

And its “Product Development Unit” that it established to ensure ultimate conformance of the imported products to Turkey’s conditions, the company attracts attention in the sector with its pioneer works performed in line with the improvement demands received from dealers and service units.

Service Mentality: No Compromises from Quality and Safety

The fact that the represented brands are trying to be copied in the market is a clear indication that Semak is on the right track in its quality mentality.

The safety of the products, their compliance to the EU Machinery Safety Directives and Turkish Laws and Regulations are certified with various test and experiment reports.

Legal Legislation = Main Guide

For Semak, as a requirement of its deep-rooted trade ethics and culture, legal legislation has always been the main guide in all projects and new practices. The compatibility of all the new practices to laws is essential. While ensuring customer satisfaction, staying within the limits allowed by the laws is a strict rule and discipline.

Advanced Technological Infrastructure

Semak that is a close follower of technological developments due to its corporate structure made its relations with the dealers distance-free thanks to the technological infrastructure established as of 2010.

SAP system that is used in sales and after-sales services enabled offering the best solutions on the speed of internet besides understanding the needs correctly.

The fact that dealers can connect to the system directly through Dealers Portal (b2b) enabled dealers to access up-to-date stock information whenever they want and established a platform where Semak can share special announcements and information with its dealers.

With SAP Business Objects online reporting system, all processes were built on a dynamic structure, and rapid response ability has been gained with the opportunity to report the current state instantly.

And with the current technological infrastructure established by focusing on customer satisfaction; maximum dealer satisfaction, high quality and fast communication, simple information sharing and already existing reliability have been strengthened even more.

An Environmental Friendly Service Building

In line with its enhancing investments and constantly increasing work load, Semak incorporate an environmental friendly Headquarters built on an outdoor area of 13,000 sqm and indoor area of 7500 sqm in Gebze.

This building that Semak constructed with special attention to environmental issues uses environmental friendly state-of-the-art systems in its heating-cooling, lighting and computer infrastructure.

Semak that progressed always with such an environmental conscious until today aimed to underline this conscious even more with its new logo.

Developed/Developing Structure

Semak that gathered all its departments under a single roof as Management, Procurement, Sales&Marketing, Finance, After-Sales Services and Warehouse aims to contribute to the sector through sector-related trainings and presentations offered to its employees, dealers and service units in the Training Rooms of its Headquarters at specific periods.

Merchant Artisan Mentality-Based Relations

Semak that reflects the efforts of three generations as a family company prefers to adopt the sincerity and reliability of an artisan in its relations while constantly renewing and improving itself, and encourages this mentality within the company.

Semak Makina, which stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its employees, dealers, service units and end users with its service and quality mentality that is being constantly improved for more than a quarter-century, consumer-oriented approach and environmental-consciousness, continues its competition with itself in its goal to become a global brand by not compromising from its national and international values even in competition.