In 1949, the foundations of Semak that reflects the efforts of three generations as a family company were laid by Süleyman Yağızyılmaz.

Tahtakale that was named as the center of Turkish trade life for years also had an important place in the history of Semak. This first initiative of Süleyman Yağızyılmaz continued its existence with the support of its son-in-law Rafet Keleş until 1965 by constantly gaining power. The organization that took the name of Rafet Keleş later began supplying goods from the domestic market besides importing product and by-product supplies by focusing especially on hardware.

In the beginning of 1970s, Italian Oleo-Mac brand was introduced and thus the first steps of this more than 40 years collaboration with Oleo-Mac were taken.

During this period, the trade operations both for retail and wholesale were continued consistently in the domestic market. With the improving customer portfolio, internal and external commercial relations, the company took its place among the top 500 tax payers in 1982 based on the data of Istanbul Revenue Office. This period also prepared the grounds for Süleyman Keleş and Selim Keleş brothers, who spent all their time outside their school in Tahtakale, to enter into the business life. Süleyman Keleş and Selim Keleş, who represent the third generation of the organization, gained command and efficacy in all business processes until the beginning of 1990s.

Oleo-Mac brand had a weight in the plans and expectations of the company in that period, the first signals of today’s Semak organization could also be seen. And while import activities were at the forefront, the main steps towards a wholesale-oriented structure were also taken in this period.

The company was incorporated with the name of Semak Makina Ticaret ve Sanayi Limited Şirketi in 1993.

Within the same period, the Founding Honorary President Rafet Keleş handed over the management of the company to Süleyman Keleş and Selim Keleş brothers. With the growth decision that Semak took within the same year, the company began advertisement activities and achieved a clear rise. By abandoning retail sales fully, they only focused on the wholesale of imported products. Semak that added new ones to its existing sales channels searched, found and brought the developing product range in the global markets that it follows closely. In line with this, it established long term cooperations at overseas.

It became the authorized Turkish dealer of Canadian Oregon brand in 1997 and Swiss Felco brand in 1998.

When the company was moved to its own building in Kartal, Istanbul in 1999, it took an important step towards becoming a global brand with its 20 employees and 5000 sqm modern building.

In 2000, the company reinforced its position at the top in the turnover rankings of Oleo-Mac and Efco European sellers. And by adding many other strong brands to its portfolio, the company continued its journey with firm steps. In line with its improved corporate structure, the company established closer relations with its dealers thanks to the technological infrastructure that it established as of 2010. While changing its name as Semak Makina Ticaret ve Sanayi Anonim Şirketi in 2013, it renewed its logo, too.

Semak that provides service at its Gebze Headquarters founded on 13,000 sqm indoor and 7,500 sqm outdoor area continues its operations consistently with its 70 employees, enhancing investments and constantly increasing work volume.